Reus Torrent Free For Mac

Reus Torrent is here. In Reus, you can control powerful giants who follow your orders to shape the planet. You can create mountains, oceans, forests and much more.


reus torrent

Reus Torrent For Mac

Enrich your planet with plants, minerals, and animals. There is only one thing you can not control: humanity, virtues, and vices. You can control your world, but not his will. If you cover your needs can thrive. If you give too much greed will consume.

key features

  • It controls four powerful giants, each with unique abilities
  • Shapes the planet as you like, experiment with different types of terrain
  • Thanks to complex system improvements and synergies, you can enjoy endless gameplay styles
  • Observes humanity, let your Giants reward or punish
  • Enjoy a special artistic style and a soundtrack surround
  • Enrich the planet with more than 100 plants, animals and minerals
  • Unlock new content helping humanity in its development

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