This man Experiencing Fracture When Doing yoga


A man in the UK suffered a broken femur when doing yoga. This anonymous man already practice yoga for two years and had just tried yoga Ashtanga Mysore style.

Over the last eight weeks of this 39-year-old man practicing yoga for an hour. In one class in the morning, he made a movement called Marichyasana B unattended teacher.

The movement made him put his foot on the thigh and stretch the hips and knees so that the legs are in a V-shaped line in the lower abdomen. Then came the events of horror, there was a crack. The man felt excruciating pain in his left thigh. Similarly, doctors report in the journal BMJ case reports.

“He fell and was unable to stand. He was immediately rushed to the hospital,” the doctor wrote in the journal.

In the emergency room doctors under the man’s menemukankaki shorter than normal and rotated due to the injury. X-ray examination showed she suffered fractures in the femoral shaft, long and straight section of the thigh bone.

Doctors say this is the first documented case that a healthy man suffered fractures while doing yoga. The femur is the longest, strongest and heaviest in the human body. The thigh bone served as one of the main bones that support the human body.

Most cases of femur fracture was the result of “high energy power” and in the population of young people thigh fractures commonly occur due to traffic accidents.

Fractures of the femur can cause life-threatening complications.Including internal bleeding, injury to internal organs and infection of the wound.

The man was sent to surgery with specially designed rod inserted in the bone passing along a bone fracture that remains in position. Screw inserted through a small incision for nailing both ends of the bones to bones and nails are in the correct position during the healing period.

Ten days after surgery, he was discharged and eight months later he was able to walk again. Free of pain and back to her yoga class.

But now he was practicing mild yoga pose. “Injuries due to the practice of yoga has recently become common,” concluded the doctor.

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