China Have Bomber to attack From The Distance


BEIJING – The Chinese government now has a bomber aircraft capable of long-range attack in all weather with a high degree of precision attack, reported by the military analyst.

Confirmation has also been given by the Chinese military, Fu Qinshao of the Air Force China, People Liberation Army (PLA), said, “the fact that the plane H-6K we have done several trials to launch a long distance toward the Pacific Ocean proving that H -6K able to perform a variety of operations related to remote attacks, “as reported by The Star (10.16.2015)

“In the past, we were only able bombers launch bombs dropped just above the target, and there is a gap that the lack of precision against such attacks,” he said.

Analysis of the military were mentioned, with the H-6K it has adopted some technologies of aeronautics advanced so with this progress, bombers could launch an attack from the air towards the mainland, and is equipped with anti-ship missile, which means that one blow could destroy multiple targets in land and sea.

“With the PLA Air Force has the H-6K, has certainly become a very valuable asset to us, especially for a strategy that requires to launch a long distance with a high degree of precision,” he added.

The plane reportedly also will help ‘maintain’ first island chain in China. Many analysts say the first island chain referred to by China is a collection of islands directly adjacent to the north of Japan and the southern Philippines.