This man Experiencing Fracture When Doing yoga


A man in the UK suffered a broken femur when doing yoga. This anonymous man already practice yoga for two years and had just tried yoga Ashtanga Mysore style.

Over the last eight weeks of this 39-year-old man practicing yoga for an hour. In one class in the morning, he made a movement called Marichyasana B unattended teacher.

The movement made him put his foot on the thigh and stretch the hips and knees so that the legs are in a V-shaped line in the lower abdomen. Then came the events of horror, there was a crack. The man felt excruciating pain in his left thigh. Similarly, doctors report in the journal BMJ case reports.

“He fell and was unable to stand. He was immediately rushed to the hospital,” the doctor wrote in the journal.

In the emergency room doctors under the man’s menemukankaki shorter than normal and rotated due to the injury. X-ray examination showed she suffered fractures in the femoral shaft, long and straight section of the thigh bone.

Doctors say this is the first documented case that a healthy man suffered fractures while doing yoga. The femur is the longest, strongest and heaviest in the human body. The thigh bone served as one of the main bones that support the human body.

Most cases of femur fracture was the result of “high energy power” and in the population of young people thigh fractures commonly occur due to traffic accidents.

Fractures of the femur can cause life-threatening complications.Including internal bleeding, injury to internal organs and infection of the wound.

The man was sent to surgery with specially designed rod inserted in the bone passing along a bone fracture that remains in position. Screw inserted through a small incision for nailing both ends of the bones to bones and nails are in the correct position during the healing period.

Ten days after surgery, he was discharged and eight months later he was able to walk again. Free of pain and back to her yoga class.

But now he was practicing mild yoga pose. “Injuries due to the practice of yoga has recently become common,” concluded the doctor.

Insigne Will Retire in Napoli

lorenzoinsignei Lorenzo Insigne is currently so coveted by European clubs after the performance okenya with Napoli. But the agent to make sure Insigne will last a long time together with Il Partenopei and even until retirement.

Insigne this season so the actor protagonista Napoli thanks to six goals from a total of nine appearances in all competitions, which are made entirely in Serie A. Not only that, Insigne also contributed three assists.

As a result, Napoli who had stumbled in the beginning of the season is now in fourth position with 15 points. Naturally, if then Insigne started tempted European clubs were interested in signing him.

One of them is Arsenal who intend to sign him in January. Though 24-year player has just signed a new contract that would keep him at the San Paolo to 2019.

Insigne future related to rumors, his agent, Antonio Ottaiano, said his client will not go anywhere. Even Insigne calls will finish his professional career with Napoli.

“The new contract will expire in 2019 and Lorenzo Insigne has repeatedly stressed that he wants to stay forever at Napoli,” said Ottaiano as quoted Sports Mole.

“If everything goes well then this engagement will be a wedding. The club believe in Lorenzo Insigne they see is the future of Napoli,” he said to reported livescore123  visit here

“Big clubs see Lorenzo as a bright prospect in the future, now they may be more meminatinya. Unfortunately, they had to give up, because Lorenzo is still a Napoli to 2019, and this time he was not only happy, but she wants to be a champion with Napoli, “he concluded.

Google Prepared Android TV


Google reportedly will announce the latest system Android TV in an application developer conference Google I / O, next June, in San Francisco, California, USA. 

Android This TV will replace the Google TV launched in 2010. Android TV unfocused on television applications. According to reports GigaOm, platform Android TV will offer services, content, and the game is online, similar to the Amazon Fire TV. Providers of video content Netflix and Hulu Plus reported to be supporting Android TV.Google also will announce partners who make the hardware to run Android TV.

Previously, the company has been trying to get into the television business by presenting Chromecast the end of 2013. This product is basically a dongle TV that allows users tostream video online from smart phones, tablets , or laptop to the television screen, as long as connected to the same network as Google continues to expand the use of the operating system Android to other electronic devices. 

In addition to Android TV, the Internet company that also makes the operating system Android Wear specially designed for devices that can be used in the human body (wearable device).

Sean Focus Face Last Round at the Jerez circuit


London: It seems like just yesterday sean gelael start the first race of the season in the Formula Renault 3.5 Championship, went unnoticed last round of the championship soon be rolling late next week for the rider Jagonya Chicken with Carlin this. The Indonesian racers sean gelael together competitors will fight maximal at the Jerez Circuit, challenging circuit in southern Spain on 16-18 October. 

Sean hopes to get more points in addition to the points that have been obtained from street circuits of Monaco and Silverstone. Jerez entered in the calendar of the Formula Renault 3.5 in 2014, in which the Carlin team did not participate. Sean had never fought at this circuit, but fortunately there are two days of pre-season tests conducted last March. At that time Sean recorded the third fastest time in the final session of the four sessions were undertaken.

 It would be a boost for Sean to finish the season with a good result. This season is the most difficult season for Sean in Formula Renault 3.5. Sean had a few problems at the moment is not appropriate mengadangnya. As an illustration based on fact, Sean is the driver who completed the kilometer race at least in this season than any other rider in each race. Total, Sean completed the 1,312 kilometers in 15 races, 513 kilometers less than the champions this season, Oliver Rowland.

 The data above shows how unfortunate Sean to be able to get better results. Jerez is a popular circuit among the racers. Built in the mid-1980s and became the host of the Spanish Grand Prix between 1986 and 1990, the first race when it became known for the finish side by side between the winner of the race Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell.  At the Circuit de Catalunya to obtain the right to host home of the Spanish GP, Jerez later became host to the European Grand Prix in the 1990s, including when deciding who will be the world champion in 1997, where Michael Schumacher crashed into Jacques Villeneuve competitors. Up to this time, the Jerez circuit continue to host MotoGP Spain. 

Sean and the other drivers will race through a series of bends characterized by medium and high speed challenge, which requires high precision from the drivers and settings of the car, and had an average speed above 180 km / h. “I like the Jerez circuit, and we have some encouraging signs when performing the test in March last,” Sean said.  “So I can not wait to finish this season, and struggled to get good results , We will work hard in the next few days and easily-easily a good weekend in Jerez will help my preparation to face the last two series GP2 championship. I have passed some busy weekend with some less encouraging results, so let’s change it this time! “

China Have Bomber to attack From The Distance


BEIJING – The Chinese government now has a bomber aircraft capable of long-range attack in all weather with a high degree of precision attack, reported by the military analyst.

Confirmation has also been given by the Chinese military, Fu Qinshao of the Air Force China, People Liberation Army (PLA), said, “the fact that the plane H-6K we have done several trials to launch a long distance toward the Pacific Ocean proving that H -6K able to perform a variety of operations related to remote attacks, “as reported by The Star (10.16.2015)

“In the past, we were only able bombers launch bombs dropped just above the target, and there is a gap that the lack of precision against such attacks,” he said.

Analysis of the military were mentioned, with the H-6K it has adopted some technologies of aeronautics advanced so with this progress, bombers could launch an attack from the air towards the mainland, and is equipped with anti-ship missile, which means that one blow could destroy multiple targets in land and sea.

“With the PLA Air Force has the H-6K, has certainly become a very valuable asset to us, especially for a strategy that requires to launch a long distance with a high degree of precision,” he added.

The plane reportedly also will help ‘maintain’ first island chain in China. Many analysts say the first island chain referred to by China is a collection of islands directly adjacent to the north of Japan and the southern Philippines.